‘The bite of the cold’

A local nonprofit in Fort Walton Beach wants to build a homeless shelter in the local area to help the growing homeless population. To raise money and awareness, about 20 people (both from the nonprofit and willing participants) paid money to sleep outside (blankets and luxuries such as sleeping in your car cost extra) with a slab of cardboard to call their bed. The temperatures was 45 degrees and the wind had no mercy. The night started with a dinner of homemade soup and hot dogs, where we had visitors from some area homeless, chats by the fire and then in the early morning hours even some drunk guys on foot.

I stayed up most of the night, by the fire, until about 4:30 a.m. before I tried to get some sleep in my car. After an hour of rest, it was time to wake up, finish up interviews and head home to write the story for next day’s edition.

Here’s the story.


One night out of the cold

I spent the night at the first cold night shelter of the year in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The Life Center — a multipurpose space owned by the church across the street — is no bed and breakfast, but it’s all the local homeless have when the temperatures hit 40 and below. Here’s the story.


Telling: Pensacola

After 20 years of living in a military-heavy area surrounded by, not one, but three bases, I gained a new appreciation once I met with the cast of Telling: Pensacola — a group of veterans from all backgrounds that shared their stories in a raw and moving performance. Here is their story. 


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